Books Suggestions  

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So I want to start reading more, and not that I can't just wander through the aisles of Half Price or the library, and pick up what strikes my fancy, nut I would like a wee bit of guidance. So if y'all  have any suggestions for good books, i'm thinking more fiction, but I'll think about all, please let me know. If for some odd reason you are ashamed of your reading list hehe, emailing me or facebook or something is ok too.
Thanks in advance!

Hopefully later this afternoon or tomorrow I will have up my next TULIP post, for those of you who eagerly await it, along with working on my Bible study lesson and trying not to feel like I've been run over by a truck.


Oeufs a la neige, aka Poached Meringues  

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I found this recipe through a friends blog, who had it from another blog... It looked rather tasty, so I tried it. As anticipated, it twas rather tasty, though the sauce is very sweet, though that might be just cause I had to mess with things a bit... *Insert Side Note* Is "cause" a legitimate word? *End Side Note* The recipe is here, if you would like to try your hand at these tasty, and yet slightly annoying poofie things.If anyone has made these, or something similar, and has advice please give it.


Bad egg, yummy!
First attempt at doing the meringues, as i'm sure some of you can tell it started to break...

AND it really broke now... I did cook some of them but they were sad indeed.

Second attempt, YAY!!!! it worked, mostly lol, it was not quite as firm as the recipe said it was supposed to be, but idk lol. I think I should have tried whisking the first batch more after adding the sugar and such, but such is life.
Cooking los meringues... It had lots of fun boiling up and being a pain...

The meringues after having been cooked. NOT what they are supposed to look like, but tasty still.

The sauce!

Cooking the sauce!

Sauce in bowls

Finished product

Finished product from a different angle...

So there you have it, poofy things in sauce!

So some of you  know I have stomach pain problems that I STILL have not figured out what causes it, even after 2 years of trying different things. So even though I've done it before, I think I'm going to try and not drink coffee for a week or so, doing only tea. So I would much appreciate prayers to be able to stick to it.


Crash Hot Orange Potatoes  

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This is a recipe I found from a dutch food blog I read. Its for potatoes that are topped with a butter, orange zest, parsley, garlic, salt and pepper mix. It came out really well, though I was rather curious when I saw it. The orange is just strong enough to be there, but light enough to not taste like you're eating an orange. It adds a very nice, light, refreshing flavor to the potatoes. I would recommend boiling the potatoes, instead of baking, which I did. I used russets, cause thats what we had :-p, i would probably use a potato that had a thinner skin though. The potatoes were a bit hard to crush well, but they worked well enough.

Anyway here is the link to the recipe, hope y'all enjoy.


Empty bowl after have made the butter mixture.

Empty tray?

Whole potatoes!

Crushed potatoes!

In the oven! :-p

The end result


Politics and a Husbands Authority  

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Oh lookie another post that isn't part of the TULIP series... Don't be alarmed if you are anxiously awaiting the next post in that series (doesn't seem to be that there is anyone), it will be along soon.

So being that election season is once again here I was thinking. If a husband and wife want to vote for different candidates, and there is not a huge moral stance at stake, and the husband does not mind his wife voting for someone else. If she does vote for someone else, is she undermining her husbands authority? Since she is working against him. Thoughts?

I realize my grammar is terrible, but you'll get over it... :-p


Benjy's Birthday Dinner  

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We went to Benjy's for my 20th birthday dinner, was a good choice hehe. Really good food, bit on the expensive side, but worth it in my opinion. Sorry for the poor pics though.

Appetizer they set out, yes its empty.. :-p, cheddar biscuits (couldn't eat those), some flat bread (couldn't eat that either), and some sugar crusted cranberries and mixed nuts, those were really good, could eat those all day :D

What i got, roasted chicken (from a local farm) with some pretty good cheese grits and shrimp (meh :-p), pretty tasty cept for the shrimp.

Shrimp tamale my mama had. Not a huge fan of shrimp but not bad... :-p

Spinach risotto, my brother got, nice flavor, spinach flavor was over powering.

Beef Arepa's that my dad had. Shredded beef on corn cakes, they were pretty good.

This *was* lol a coffee creme brulee, forgot to take a pic lol, had a very nice, strong coffee flavor.


V-day pics  

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The church we will most likely be going to once we decide for sure (yes we are looking), had a guys serving girls valentines day thing last sunday night, and they asked if we wanted to come, so we did. Here are a few of the pics I took.


TULIP: Limited Atonement  

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Limited atonement is probably one of the most misunderstood parts of the TULIP. It’s complex, and yet at the same time very simple. Limited Atonement is the doctrine that while Christ’s death would have covered all of humanity’s sin, it only covered the sins of those who believe and are saved. Christ’s blood is sufficient to cover sin, and His death does cover the sins of those who believe. If Christ died for everyone, then their sins would be covered, and everyone would be saved, but we know that is not true. If you want to say though, that Christ died for everyone, but each person can choose whether to accept His death or not, then Christ died in vain because it was not needed for some people. Also, the power of His death is decreased, because it can be as easily brushed aside as a spider web. In Mathew 26:28, Christ died for the “many”, not for all. John 10:11-15 speaks of how Christ died for His sheep. We know from other passages that the sheep are His children, and unbelievers are called goats. (Mat 25:31-34) In the High Priestly Prayer (John 17, a fantastic passage) Jesus prays for those whom His Father has given Him, and not for the world (John 17:9). In Isaiah the prophecy speaks of Christ dying for many, not all (53:12).