Food Photography  

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This is I suppose more of a question than a post but who cares, it's my blog is it not? :-p I'm sure some of you know I have dabbled (emphasis on dabbled) in photography, and I have for awhile had an interest in food photography. So if anyone knows much about it or knows someone who does I would appreciate it.



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I had to order some business cards the other day for the SETHSA conference next week. I am a Juice Plus distributor and I am taking part in the booth for it at the conference, so I needed cards. For everyone who does not know what SETHSA is, it is a homeschooling organization. The conference is a bunch of book sellers, churches, curriculum companies and a lot of other people. It's basically like any other trade show. Anyway, so I am also going to use my business cards as cards to give to industry people (hotel and restaurant) that I meet. Well I ordered 250 of them and I got them in today, lo and behold I mispelled something.... I just reordered more, you have got to love when that happens... Oh, and google spell check is not always accurate, I was relying on that, and i just lost 20 bucks... So always pay attention, especailly when your spending money.


English and Math, my worst two subjects...  

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So as some of you know math and english are not my strongest subjects. Some of you also know that I am taking college algebra at HCC in a minimester, it is intense but I must say I am enjoying it. My teacher is really good, and I'm able to understand and even enjoy it so thats nice. Anyway, you are probably wondering where math and english coincide, well i shall tell you. I learned two kinda cool things today in class, one math, the other english.

First, math, I learned an interesting fact about when you are simplifying an equation, at least in the case of trying to find the asymptote. An asymptote is the line on a graph that approches a certain number, such as zero but never acctually touches it. When you have 1/x (or any similar term) it can simplified to zero. This is because as x approches infinity, 1/x approches 0. x=2 1/2, x=5 1/5, x-8 1/8, and so on. I just thought this was really cool. :D

Now for the english, someone explained the usage of "an". If this is wrong please correct me, but it makes sense to me. You use "an" for those words that start in a vowel, and I suppositioned that than (and i tried it out... :-p) that you use "a" for words that do not start in a vowel. Yes it's random, yes i should probably already know this but I did'nt and I found it kinda cool so there! :D



Gillian's Gluten Free tastyness  

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Hello again,

So as I'm sure most of you know I am gluten sensitive. This means, for those of you who don't know, that if I eat gluten (the protein in wheat and such) that the villi in my small intestine could possibly be harmed. This would result in malnourshment effectively. I do not have celiac disease if anyone is thinking it is the same thing. Celiac disease means that there is already damage to your intestines, along with the sensitiveity I don't have any damage so thusly... Anyway, the other day, on our weekly trip through Central Market, my mother discorved Gillian's Gluten Free (GF) products. Now anyone who has every had anything GF can attest to the fact that most of these products are just nasty, sadly it is true. BUT Gillians (we purchesed their cinnmamon raison rolls) taste pretty much like regular bread. No funky tastes, textures, or other strange things. They are fairly dense but otherwise you would have no idea it is GF. I just thought I would share this lovely discovery with y'all, for those who might just be interested or if you want/have to eat GF.

I shall leave y'all with that...


The end is near! Provided F(x)=The end(x) is near! and F(begining).... :D  

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Ok so here we are again, back to blogging. (hopefully at least...) My first blog was created out of necessity, and after six posts I stopped lol. If any of y'all care about my old one....Link I am going to try and make a post at least once a week, and feel free to email me, call me, or smoke signals work too... :-p if you think I am falling behind or just want to me to blog on a specific topic.

What's in a name...
So some of you may be wondering whats with the name... Well this blog is not going to be just Bibilical topics, politics, cooking, photos, or anything else for that matter. It is going to be a complete mish mash of stuff, including all of the above and SO much more :D. So I figured that To Be Entitled fit, and it has a nice ring to it in my opinion... :D Yes at times I will use an excessive amounts of smilies... Tis life, now get over it... :-p >:o Anyway...

Well I will most likely have a post or two up in the next few days. Those of who you do read my blog I appreciate it, any comments are welcome and encouraged. Also if anyone has ideas on a better template that would be nice.

I am not the best at grammer and such, so I apoligize in advance (well not in advance for this post) for my poor english skills.