How We Should Work  

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This is an excellent post from A Disciples Notebook on how we should be viewing our jobs, whether it is menial labor or running a Fortune 500 company. Let us not forget as well that our main purpose in whatever we do is to glorify the King of the Universe. So if for no other reason we should work our hardest and do our best.  And thanks to a good friend for long ago sharing this site.

“Three men, all engaged at the same employment, were asked what they were doing. One said he was making five dollars a day. Another replied he was cutting stone. The third said he was building a cathedral. The difference was not in what they were actually doing, although, the spirit of the third might quite possibly have made him the more expert at his task. They were all earning the same wage; they were all cutting stone; but only one held it in his mind that he was helping build a great edifice. Life meant more to him than to his mates; he saw further and clearly. He had a vision of hope in his task.
The farmer may be only planting seed, but if he opens his eyes, he is feeding the world. The railroad man, the factory hand, the clerk in the store, likewise, are building their cathedrals. The investors in stocks and bonds, the executives of great corporations—they are building cathedrals likewise, if only they can catch the vision. The homemaker does not count the dollars she receives for her exertions. If she did, her life might be unhappy indeed.
The rest of us, the great and the humble, are thinking too much about such things as cutting stone and making profits. Stop! Realize the beauty of life. Stir up the hope that lies with you.”
The Omaha Bee Newspaper
Fill Me With Hope, August 1
Compiled by Paul M. Miller