Humble Indie Bundle  

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Well rather fittingly after reading about the Humble Indie Bundle on someone elses blog, I got it myself for Christmas from my cousin. For those of you who are not familiar with it. The bundle is a group of games from several different indie game developers to benefit charity. They are mostly different forms of puzzle/challenge games. One of the most fun is Braid, its basically a mixture of Mario, a jigsaw puzzle, and Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. Its highly amusing, the music is amazing, and basically it will eat your entire day if you're not careful. Than there is Osmos. You are an amoeba and  your objective is to absorb as many other single cell life forms as possible.  Its one of those games that frustrates you so much, and yet you must continue playing! Overall it is a really good deal, especially because you choose how much to give. So if you like puzzle/challenge games I would highly recommend it.  

Edit: I should probably also mention that you have a little under 2 days at this point to purchase the bundle. 

And as for Reverb10 Posts... Eh they're coming lol


Reverb10 Post 1: One Word  

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Encapsulate the year 2010 in one word. Explain why you’re choosing that word. Now, imagine it’s one year from today, what would you like the word to be that captures 2011 for you?

 I think I would have to go with Change. No, that has nothing at all to do with our President, not that he has really changed much anyway.

There has been quite a bit of change this past year, all of it good, I think at least lol. We changed churches, my brother and I started a bakery, and of course school is always changing. I worked at Katz coffee, which was my first per say "factory" experience. Not exactly factory, but large scale, product production, without any real customer contact. It has been an interesting year, good, but interesting.

As to what word I would like to embody 2011? I think it would be faith. I know a dangerous thing to ask for lol. I'm not really just talking about general faith that God is in control, though I can also use a greater dose of that. But I want to have faith like a child, I want to have the faith that moves mountains. Faith that has rest in knowing that God will do what I ask in faith. Lord help my unbelief!


December random post  

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So its time for my monthly blog post :D

This one is certainly a mishmash of random stuff, but those are the fun ones right?

Through someone elses blog I have been considering doing reverb10's month of reflection. Which being that it is the middle of the month I suppose I should get working on that if I am going to do it... I do think some of the prompts are rather silly, so I most likely won't be doing all of them, assuming I do any at all.

As well I plan on making myself a flannel sheet, which I'm sure many of my readers can attest that cold sheets are not welcome in the midst of winter.

I also intend to fix my moccasins before the school break ends. See picture below for reasons why.

We also intend on replacing our sliding glass doors on our back porch, as one of them pretty much refuses to open now. This will also involve building in a couple new windows, so that should be interesting and might even involve pictures!

I have also begun running everyday (not counting the weekend) 1. Because I need exercise, and 2 because I want a pair of these! *insert big grin*

The idea behind the shoes is to basically be running barefoot (when you have better balance and save more energy) but still have a bit of protection.

I also am trying making cookies with coconut sugar (insert your own picture) we shall see how those turn out.

Well thats it for now, we'll see how it all goes!