English and Math, my worst two subjects...  

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So as some of you know math and english are not my strongest subjects. Some of you also know that I am taking college algebra at HCC in a minimester, it is intense but I must say I am enjoying it. My teacher is really good, and I'm able to understand and even enjoy it so thats nice. Anyway, you are probably wondering where math and english coincide, well i shall tell you. I learned two kinda cool things today in class, one math, the other english.

First, math, I learned an interesting fact about when you are simplifying an equation, at least in the case of trying to find the asymptote. An asymptote is the line on a graph that approches a certain number, such as zero but never acctually touches it. When you have 1/x (or any similar term) it can simplified to zero. This is because as x approches infinity, 1/x approches 0. x=2 1/2, x=5 1/5, x-8 1/8, and so on. I just thought this was really cool. :D

Now for the english, someone explained the usage of "an". If this is wrong please correct me, but it makes sense to me. You use "an" for those words that start in a vowel, and I suppositioned that than (and i tried it out... :-p) that you use "a" for words that do not start in a vowel. Yes it's random, yes i should probably already know this but I did'nt and I found it kinda cool so there! :D


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Haha, nice man...nice! ;-)

May 28, 2009 at 10:15 PM

For the sake of my mother I will point out that yes, she did teach me these things, and I guess i just decided not to learn them...

May 29, 2009 at 12:43 PM

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