Crash Hot Orange Potatoes  

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This is a recipe I found from a dutch food blog I read. Its for potatoes that are topped with a butter, orange zest, parsley, garlic, salt and pepper mix. It came out really well, though I was rather curious when I saw it. The orange is just strong enough to be there, but light enough to not taste like you're eating an orange. It adds a very nice, light, refreshing flavor to the potatoes. I would recommend boiling the potatoes, instead of baking, which I did. I used russets, cause thats what we had :-p, i would probably use a potato that had a thinner skin though. The potatoes were a bit hard to crush well, but they worked well enough.

Anyway here is the link to the recipe, hope y'all enjoy.


Empty bowl after have made the butter mixture.

Empty tray?

Whole potatoes!

Crushed potatoes!

In the oven! :-p

The end result

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