TULIP: Limited Atonement  

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Limited atonement is probably one of the most misunderstood parts of the TULIP. It’s complex, and yet at the same time very simple. Limited Atonement is the doctrine that while Christ’s death would have covered all of humanity’s sin, it only covered the sins of those who believe and are saved. Christ’s blood is sufficient to cover sin, and His death does cover the sins of those who believe. If Christ died for everyone, then their sins would be covered, and everyone would be saved, but we know that is not true. If you want to say though, that Christ died for everyone, but each person can choose whether to accept His death or not, then Christ died in vain because it was not needed for some people. Also, the power of His death is decreased, because it can be as easily brushed aside as a spider web. In Mathew 26:28, Christ died for the “many”, not for all. John 10:11-15 speaks of how Christ died for His sheep. We know from other passages that the sheep are His children, and unbelievers are called goats. (Mat 25:31-34) In the High Priestly Prayer (John 17, a fantastic passage) Jesus prays for those whom His Father has given Him, and not for the world (John 17:9). In Isaiah the prophecy speaks of Christ dying for many, not all (53:12).

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