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A few days ago I visited Catalina Coffee shop with a friend, which is considered one of the best indie coffee shops in Houston, if not also the US. Most of you know I LOVE coffee, its a passion for me, well I had really been wanting to go to Catalina but had just never made it over there. Well I finally did and it was awesome. Their espresso which I tried was the best I have ever had, it was a bit acidic for my taste, but it nicely coated my tongue, and the flavor was full bodied without being overwhelming. We also got to try chemex pot brewing there too, we were both really excited to try it, and it produced a really clean but tasty cup of coffee. The atmosphere was really nice also, well mostly at least lol, some of their pictures they had on the wall could have been changed but thats to be expected at an indie place. Also there are not many electrical plugs to be had, but that is a minor issue. They also roast their own beans, so if you're really into local its a good place to go. I would definitely recomend visiting it if you like coffee, its on Washington just east of sawyer street.

Hope you enjoy

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