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During the sermon this morning the man preaching (not our regular pastor) encouraged us to read the rest of Colossians to gain a better understanding of the passage we were studying. He said it was only a few pages, and should not take much time at all to read it. This reminded me of something I have thought on before. I think frequently as Christians we treat the Bible differently than other books in regards to how much we read. We easily sit down and read 20 or 30 pages of a book, or an entire section of the newspaper, but gasp when we think about reading more than 2 or 3 chapters in God's Word. It is generally no more than 3 or 4 pages, ok fine sometimes it might even be 7 pages, but it is never much longer than what most people read in blog posts. I certainly agree that we should take Scripture seriously, and spend our time and meditate on it. I just wonder if we have gotten a skewed perspective on reading it, and look at it in an incorrect view.

Adam Clarke's commentary on Aaron interceding for the Isrealites after their grumbling against Moses. (Num 16:41-50)
If Aaron the high priest, with his censer and incense, could disarm the wrath of an insulted, angry Deity, so that a guilty people, who deserved nothing but destruction, should be spared; how much more effectual may we expect the great atonement to be which was made by the Lord Jesus Christ, of whom Aaron was only the type!

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