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So yes I've been absent, life has a way of getting in the way of blogging and other activities. As to life, it has been interesting and changing as of late. Things that in some ways I would not have preferred happening, but I think in the end are for the better, and if nothing else grow me in my sanctification. We are so often eager to let God be sovereign in things that we want to do, and I think even accept Him saying no in those things, but if it is something we most certainly don't want to happen, then we have a much harder time accepting God's providence. However, it is always for our better, even if it is not something we thought would ever happen, or want. (Which has me wondering lately about the sovereignty of God is unbelievers lives but thats for another day.) I am doing an internship at Luby's cafeteria this summer. It is going fairly well, I don't think its what I would want to do, but not a bad job.

I made yeast rolls this morning for breakfast, and was going to post pictures, but I can't find my camera cord, so... Maybe I'll post those later. For those of you who remember my allergies, yea... not sticking with those too well at the moment lol.

I thought I had more to say somewhere, but maybe it will reappear in my mind at some point, probably in the middle of church of course. Oh and no, my spelling and grammar has not gotten better since I last blogged. Sorry, but not really.

So stay tooned for more of something, assuming anyone reads this anymore... (yes I meant to put tooned)

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