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I decided that I would post the outline, and my thoughts from the sermon "Gospel Generosity". I thought maybe those of you who don't have the time right now to listen to the sermon but still wanted to get the gist of it might be interested. And if not... Bake me cookies?

Gospel Generosity 2 Cor 8-9
  9 Marks of Gospel Generosity
(My notes are in sub points)
  1. Our Circumstances should not be the decisive factor in our giving. (8:1-6)
  2. We are to excel in our giving (8:7-8)
    1. We would never think twice about being called to grow in utterance, love, faith, etc. However, we never would consider that we should grow/excel in our giving, yet Paul is calling us to.
  3. Our giving should never be separated from the Gospel.  (8:9)
    1. AKA our generosity should never be separated from the generosity of Christ
    2. Even  if Jesus did not die for us, simply that God created us, sustains us, and has gifted us with our money (and everything else), we should give.
  4. Our giving should be according to our needs. (8:10-12)
    1. Don't put yourself into debt by giving to the Church (or elsewhere). However, still have the willingness to give.
  5. Our giving displays the glory of God. (8:13-15)
  6.  Our giving should be done wisely, and with accountability. (8:16-24)
    1. We need to have wise people within the church who are responsible for the funds given, and they need to be held accountable.
  7. God desires our giving to be done cheerfully (9:6,7)
  8. We should give with expectation to gain a harvest (9:8-11)
  9. Our generosity (or lack thereof) is an evidence of the state of our soul. (8:8, 9:12-15)
    1. Certainly simply being generous (or any other good thing) does not grant salvation, but if it is absent in one who claims Christ, we need be deeply concerned.

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