Gospel Generosity  

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So this was supposed to happen over a month ago... Whoops? I wish I could claim being so busy it was not possible to blog, but nope, just lax. Ah well, at least it's here now!

Way back yonder my pastor preached a fantastic sermon (well he always does, but that's besides the point) on what our approach, as Christians, should be to giving. He doesn't talk about what percentage, or how often, or any real specifics, which most people associate with sermons on giving. Instead, it is simply what God's Word has to say on the matter.  Here is the link to our sermon archive, and search for Gospel Generosity. Hopefully tomorrow I will get around to posting my notes/outline for the sermon.

Oh, and I might even post pictures of our new crazy(ish) white lab named pumpkin (we didnt name her)

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