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Well so I'm drinking coffee again hehe, you may be wondering why... Well i know from previous experiance that coffee, in moderation, doesn't really affect my stomach. Also, my mother pointed out to me this morning that there are more and more people talking about how a lot of people with wheat gluten problems, also have problems with corn gluten. So starting tomorrow, or friday, I will be relinquishing my tasty hold upon corn, and we'll see if that helps any. That I will need more prayer in than coffee, because that cuts my food options down majorly. Well so here goes another of my food journeys, we shall see where it takes me, don't worry, you'll be getting updates... :-p

Oh and if your wondering why I haven't made my next TULIP post yet, its because its rather finicky, but soon I promise... *soon is a relative term*

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WOW Daniel, that's really hard. I've had to get off of corn this month, and it is difficult. But trust me, it's do-able (take it from a corn lover). I wish you best of luck!

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March 4, 2010 at 3:50 PM

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