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Well most of you know about my Bible study, and if you don't... Every other week I teach a college-ish age Bible Study at my house. Since awhile back I asked for advice and prayer, well at least prayer lol, about doing a Bible Study, I figured I should update y'all on how its doing. It's going rather well. I have about 10 to 15 people coming regularly. Everyone seems to be enjoying it, and learning from it. It has also been a blessing to me, and teaching and preparing has helped me grow in my walk with the Lord, and is preparing me for when I have a family one day and teach them. I appreciate your original prayers, and please continue to pray for it.

Thought for the Day*
Our pastor is going through Hosea right now at church, which is really cool,  and chapter 5, verse 12, says that God will be like a moth to Ephraim. If you're not familiar with Hosea, it is all about Israel, and their whoring after other gods. This reference to a moth is God saying, that He will destroy what is precious to Israel, destroy their idols, and their places of worship, which were, in fact, where they used to worship Yahweh. Our pastor used it in another, interesting, way though. He pointed out that you can also think of it how, sometimes when your standing outside your front door saying goodnight to friends, moths are buzzing around in your face, sometimes even getting in your mouth or ear. The moths distract us from our conversation. This is  when God puts hurdles in our way when we are going down a sinful path. These hurdles are to distract us, to knock us out of our revere, so we see that what we're doing is not good. I thought it was rather good, and interesting, hope you enjoyed my Thought for the Day.

*Titling this "Thought for the Day" in no way means I will post one everyday. Nor does it require me to post one everyday. If you are unhappy with this state of affairs maybe you should try and convince me to post everyday, or give me ideas of what I could post everyday,. If I did happen to post everyday, I in no way guarantee that it will be worth you reading.

Today I am 20 and 1 month, feel free to send one month gifts :D

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