TULIP: Total Depravity  

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Total depravity is the doctrine that Man is totally corrupt after the fall. Every single part of us, heart, mind, soul, and body are 100% corrupt, there is absolutely no goodness left in us. No man searches after God, not even a little, nor is there any righteousness to be found in us. (Rom 3:9-18) Our hearts before regeneration are dark, evil things, from which nothing good can come. (Mark 7:21-23) Our heart is also sick, and is said to be “more deceitful than all else”. (Jer 17:9) Unregenerate man is slave to sin, and can obey no other. (Rom 6:16-20) Before God changes us, we think the things of God silly, and frequently even idiotic, we are totally unable to comprehend God and His ways. (1 Cor 2:14) We were dead in our sin and children of wrath, unwilling and unable to come to God. (Eph 2:1,3)

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