10 Reasons the Ressurection Matters  

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      This was part of the sermon from this past Sunday. I was gonna add something to it, but I can't remember. If I do, i'll add it.

      1.      We are born again 1 Pet 1:3

2.      We know God because of the resurrection. We are given the Holy Spirit.
3.      Through the resurrection we are given the ability to repent of our sins. Acts 5:30-32
4.      Our fear of death is radically changed. We should no longer fear death, for we have nothing to fear in the next life. Acts 7
5.      The resurrection gives us freedom from the penalty and power of sin. Acts 13:38,39
6.      The resurrection assures us that the Gospel is true, and that judgment will be dealt out for those who refuse to believe.
7.      It is assurance of our justification before God. Rom 4:25
8.      We are freed to pursue God. Col 3:1-4
9.      We are able to battle sin Col 3:5
10.   We are equipped with the very same power that raised Christ from the dead. Eph 1:19-21

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