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I'm reading through Institutes of Christian Religion by John Calvin, and I noticed that he does not capitalize "he" when referring to God. I've also noticed that the very reputable English standard version of the Bible also does not do this. The New American standard version, and I know others do capitalize "he", though I think that I've seen other versions that don't. Its always been my impression that you capitalize "he" in regards to God, in showing reverence to Him. That as He is God, He should always be shown the greatest respect. Yet, we have great men of the faith - I believe Mathew Henry also did not do this, though I would have to double check -, and also very respected translations of the Bible that do not capitalize the "he". So what do y'all think, is it not a big deal, or should we make a huge effort to always capitalize "he"? Also do y'all have any idea why people have not done it? I would like to hear y'all's opinions on the subject and look forward to the discussion.

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I like to capitalize pronouns that refer to God. I think one of the reasons why it is important for me is because language as a whole in society has become extremely casual and impersonal to say the least and by capitalizing He, Him, His, etc., it acknowledges the vastly great distinction between God and man. I like the ESV, but I also like the NASB and KJV. Maybe ond of the reasons theologians from older time periods didn't capitalize pronouns that referred to God was because they could assume that generally there were more people who understood that they were talking about God. Who knows?

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