TULIP: Irresitable Grace  

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I’m going to start out with saying that this post on Irresistible Grace (IG) is going to be a bit different than my other posts. Irresistible Grace is the doctrine that someone cannot refuse God’s grace in their lives. If God chooses you as elect, you cannot reject salvation. There are no specific verses that speak on IG, but if you hold to either Total Depravity or Perseverance of the Saints, then you basically have to believe in Irresistible Grace.

If we are all totally depraved, then we would all reject God’s “gift” of life. There would not be a single person who would accept. So then IG must be true, or there would be no Christians.  If Christ only died for certain people, and not the entire world, than those who are called (not the general command, but the application of Christ’s blood to someone) must believe or they invalidate Christ’s death.

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