John and the Great Button-Pusher of the Pharisees  

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Greetings once again from the land of the hot and muggy,

As some of you know I was at camp for three weeks volunteering,it's a christian camp, and the program is a teen program. We read through all of the Gospel of John in three weeks. It is a truly awesome book, (well obviously the whole Bible is but still :D), it lays out what we as humans are afflicted with (sin) and what is the ONLY cure. Saint Augustine said that John is shallow enough for a child not to drown in but deep enough for an elephant to swim in. John also uses very black and white language, he has no qualms about throwing hard punches, but he readily gives the remedy for our situation. Some of you may be wondering what exactly I mean since quite a bit is the words of Jesus, and that is true. What I mean is that John does not compromise the words of Christ. John also does not compromise the words of those who bore witness to Christ and what He did. As for the title of the post... Jesus really does push the pharisees buttons the whole time. In John 5, Christ tells them that Moses is the one who condemns the pharisees. Which if you understand them at all, Moses to them was basically the pope, he was THE person. So Christ said that their idol was the one who would send them to hell. There is also the instance where Christ heals the blind man, Christ is not specifically talking to them here but it ends up the same. The blind man, when he is questioned by the pharisees after his healing, basically mocks them when he asks them how a sinner could perform all these things that Christ does. I just find it really funny, and then you have Christ disappear when the pharisees are trying to catch Him before His hour has come. It is also a reminder of the AWESOME power of God, i'll be doing a post kinda related to that later...

Anyway, hope that makes sense, i still have a cold and therefore i'm still kinda out of it...


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